The Designer Stationery Destination

Spanish company based in Madrid. We sell exclusively online unique collections of stationery, writing and desk accessories that grow and are constantly renewed with pieces of new icons of industrial design, limited editions of small artisan workshops or timeless classics of prestigious firms with more than 100 years of history. We are the largest designer stationery store in Europe.

Productivity, creativity and organization

At Notable-Notebooks each product helps you to be more productive, creative and organized in your day to day, may it be professional or personal. We believe in the efficiency of planning, in the importance of creating a to do list, translating ideas into paper and maintaining order to make the best of oneself.

Style up your desk

Who's behind ? Its creator is Anna-Carin Nordin who, under the motto "Put your style on the table", brings together authentic jewellery for connoisseurs of stationery, and for people who want to demonstrate their style through objects that are distinguished by their design, by their history or by the craftsmanship of their construction. Each chosen brand has a unique history and identity; each of the products has been selected for its design, aesthetics, functionality or innovation.

Anna-Carin's objective is to bring stationery to the world of design, art and fashion. It is aimed at men and women who seek to differentiate and feel good at their desk where so many hours elapse.

Each of the objects that accompany us today project our style as a series of personal bets. Not all objects have been created equal, a few chosen protrude above the rest, this is a careful selection of some of them.

Like the personal, handwritten note that stands out above all other messages, it is in the small details that the most Remarkable people distinguish themselves on a daily basis. Note, think and organise in style by selecting your ideal collection of notebooks, notepads, writing instruments and desk accessories from our 2000+ references. Put your style on the table with Notable-Notebooks!


Notable Notebooks is a finalist in the Stationery Awards 2019 in London in the Best Stationery Speciality Storecategory.